Monday, September 12, 2016

changes 3: what to wear

The air has an edge of crisp.

My hair is slightly less outraged by the humidity.

Air conditioning is optional not mandatory.

And so the question becomes: what to wear.

It's not quite a flowy summer dress day - my staple for summer. Even though it's beautiful and will be hotter later, that doesn't quite work for now. But it's not a jeans and boots day either - my staple for fall.

And so, it's all about making hybrids work.

I love fall fashion in the city - everyone working (or not trying hard) to make sense of changing weather, new shoes and sweaters, still longing for long summer days while excited for changing fashion.

Some people embrace it. Others seem to have randomly grabbed pieces in the dark to cobble together things that just shouldn't be worn at the same time.

It's a fine line.

Today I've got on a cream 50's style summer dress. Distressed mid calf Frye boots. A handmade brown denim jacket with a giant hot pink flower pinned to the lapel.

Could be good. Or I could be the one others are pointing to as an example of a fashion don't.

Fashion change is in the air. I'm working on going with whatever instead of stressing the finer points.

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