Saturday, September 17, 2016

changes 2.0: adventure

I am not an adventurer seeker. I'm more a creature of habit, a doer of the familiar, a person who sticks to the same general path.

Brave new endeavors forced anxiety to the surface. It was far easier to maintain steady than risk going off the deep end.

But, delving into the unknown is getting easier.

I'm not searching for it per se, but when opportunities cross my path I'm finding myself more likely to take them than run away.

Today I hopped on my bike, rode around the tip of Manhattan to a ferry slip. We fly across the water to Sandy Hook where I rode, for miles, into the wind, in blazing sun, across a significant bridge and then turned around and reversed it. Back in Manhattan I rode back from the East River, through unchartered block, Stuy Town, Union Square, traffic snarls, tourists blocking blocks.

In the past I would have found one hundred, one thousand reasons not to go. And every step of the journey, if I actually embarked on it, would have been fraught with near panic, worry, doubt, fear.

Today wasn't that. Today was just an adventure. Long, hot, tiring, fun beautiful at times, frustrating at others. I watched the sun set over the Hudson. Saw the Statue of Liberty, twice. Felt light-headed and heat stroke-y a couple of times. Wondered at wildflowers blooming near blocks of concrete and the joy of ice water when over heated.

Adventure will never be my middle name. But I'm thinking it's going to be a hat I wear more often.

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