Wednesday, December 11, 2013

daily writing

I challenged myself to a forty day commitment to write every day and have been feeling unsuccessful because I have by been writing here on a regular basis. 

But. I've been writing. 

Every day. 

A new book proposal. 

A couple of undraising initiatives. 

Copy for various projects. 

I use words all the time and never consider that writing. 

This morning in yoga my teacher said to try to embrace the positive instead of hold on to the negative (or something along those lines - it was 7:30 in the morning). I realized I never take what I do seriously and that in setting up a writing challenge I was negating the writing I already do. 

Lightbulb moment. 

1 comment:

Stratoz said...

That being nice to oneself can be a real bugger. Hope you are having fun writing. I just followed you on Instagram. Love your photos.