Monday, January 13, 2014

this is the start of something new . . .

And this is the second time I've quoted a High School Musical lyric in the past week.


But, this legitimately is the start of something new. I've been making jewelry for fun, for me, for years. I love color, texture, mixing materials, spending time in the bead and trim district. I can only wear so many pieces though and, after many compliments, decided to set up shop and see what happens.

So much of this now won't be actual making things as much as marketing things. I haven't worn that hat in a long time. Feels a bit strange to get back in the hype saddle.

My tweeting skills are rusty. My promo tendencies have atrophied.

I'm easing my way back in.

Welcome to Sparklefant. Cool jewelry handmade in NYC. By me. Wear one. Wear many. Splashes of color and muted shades of shadow. Good karma infused into every piece.

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