Sunday, December 1, 2013


I walked into a store this afternoon, to pick up a small Hannukah gift for tomorrow, and promptly walked back out after seeing the line.


But, I had to have a present for tomorrow so I headed back later in the day and, as I waited in line, checked out what other people were waiting in line for:

a Santa dog sweater

chunky colored pencils made from real branches

Hello Kitty headphones

a book on napkin folding

coordinated wash clothes tied with ribbon

chocolate drizzled potato chips

velveteen covered hangers

seasonally scented candles

a glitter encrusted wallet

I thought about making a list of all the impulse purchases you could act on while standing on line. But, with 20 cashiers open there wasn't time to take it all in.

So I bought my leggings and my Bliss bar soap (a steal at 8.99 instead of 18 dollars - I bought 2) and was grateful that I'm a less is more kind of person who has less is more kind of holidays. At least in terms of stuff.

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