Friday, December 6, 2013

mornings these days


I'm ready to crash but my day has only just begun. 

Just realized I forgot to send my daughter with a lunch. 

It's 7:15. AM. I'm sitting in the lobby of a middle school, waiting to answer questions at a tour of very nervous 5th grade parents. 

Was here extra early to drop my son off for basketball practice. 

Got class gift money packed up. 

Changed outfits. 

Answered more emails. 

Sent my daughter out the door with no drama. 

Got dressed. 

Played with a puppy.

Took a shower. 

Made French toast for one kid, banana chocolate chip muffins for the other (those were already made). 

Straightened my hair. 

Walked down and then up 10 flights of stairs. 

Stretched for a moment or 2. 


Checked emails and Facebook. 

For out of bed at 5:45. 

Woke up at 4:50 to make sure I wouldn't sleep late. 

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