Sunday, August 15, 2010

where I am now

I am happy.

Yup folks.

Tonight, lying on my back in the hallway, the puppy stretched out between me and Iz, both of us scratching her warm, soft belly, I was totally complete.

Wheeling my bike out of the repair shop this afternoon, after they fixed my brakes, I was sincerely delighted.

Reading my kid's test scores online tonight, I was thoroughly thrilled.

Waking up from an early morning nap, I was deliciously sated.

My smiles are endless. My laughs are heartfelt. My heart is full.

I am content. Mellow. Even lazy.

I have never felt like this before and have no idea how long it can last.

But I'm loving the here and now.

1 comment:

Amy Oscar said...

Right where you belong. From there, who knows what you will do? You can launch or laze or dream or write a blog post that makes me smile!