Wednesday, August 11, 2010

it's a pee world

I woke up this morning to find that a member of my family (human) had had an accident in bed. That used to be a frequent occurrence that now happens rarely. But, it meant lots of extra laundry I hadn't figured into the day. After taking Gracie out for her second walk, which turned into 2 hours of hanging out with friends in front of Jack's (yummy coffee), watching 3 puppies wrestle like mad and an impromptu invitation into the Jefferson Market Garden, she peed as soon as we got back into the apartment. On a pad, but come on. Then, Jack discovered a suspicious puddle on her fuzzy blanket that sits in front of her toy box.

More pee.

I threw the blanket in the laundry bag and went to strip the bed in question. There had to be at least 5 blankets involved, plus the sheet. The memory foam had to be thrown away and below that was a 3 foot wet spot. At that point I figured either an elephant got up on the loft bed or a very large glass of water with ice spilled at some point early in the morning. There was no other way to explain the volume of liquid I was dealing with.


Today was the day I was going to spend at yoga, the bead store, finishing a film I've been working on, writing. Instead, I've been doing laundry for hours and battling a pungent pee smell that's taken up residence in my nose.

Another sigh.

I'm hoping for a less damp tomorrow.

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Kathleen said...

Yes there has been and still is numerous days that are flushed and gone astray, not according to "schedule".

It is tough when you work out of your home like us. People always comment "oh that must be so convenient".

It is convenient only for the people that I tech support 24/7!

My sympathy for the schedule and the numerous loads of laundry!!

I hope today is better :)

Kathy D