Monday, August 30, 2010

Bikini miracle

I interrupt this self imposed blogging hiatus to share a true miracle.

A bikini miracle.

Quick back story: I've never been a bikini wearer. Too insecure. Too self conscious. Too hippy. But a few years ago I was inspired by a fabulous looking friend to ditch one pieces. Not caring so much about what other people think helped. Plus, peeing in a one piece, especially when it's wet, is true hell.

So, we headed to the local Ocean City department store and I found a bikini that looked not bad. Blue daisies on a brown and white background. I ended up loving it so much I ordered another one - psychedelic swirls of pink, orange, brown, and turquoise - online.

Every summer I make my annual trek to the same store to add to my collection. I've now purchased a white with pink and brown flowers and a pink, orange and yellow tie dyed version.

This summer, no luck. I saw a couple of suits I liked but nothing in my size.

And then, in Hoy's, the local 5&10, I found a bottom I loved. LOVED. Trippy 60's pattern in all my favorite colors. My size. But, no top.

(here's the miracle part)

Later that afternoon I got an email from the placed I'd ordered my second bikini from, years ago, announcing a summer sale. Never thinking they'd have that suit in stock, I scrolled through the images.

There was the matching pattern.

The only piece available (out of 6 options) was the style top I like.

In my size.

It was a bathing suit meant to be mine.

The bottom is now in my bathing suit drawer. The top is on it's way.

Just call me a bikini match maker


Tovah said...

That's a great story...clearly meant to be!! Enjoy!

quin browne said...

i love when things come together like that.