Friday, December 11, 2009


People are coming to celebrate Hanukkah in 32 minutes. Every year I try to remember the way I prefer spelling Hanukkah—that took a couple of tries. I've got a cake in the oven. Potato pancakes ready to fry. Vegans coming who can't eat either and I haven't been able to find a substitute.

I'm amazed, yet again, at how easily I can not deal with upcoming events. The same thing happened on Thanksgiving. Night before I realized 12 people were coming for dinner and I'd given it no thought.

Some people plan months, weeks, days, in advance. At this point in my life, I give myself minutes to pull it all together.

I wonder if my kids are missing out on all the advance planning, or they're learning that holidays are like life, a little more special, but let's not get carried away. I'm more about that. Enjoy the moments of them, but don't build things up so much they can't live up to your expectations.

Ok. Have to heat up oil, poke toothpicks in chocolate, scrape last year's wax off the menorah, and angst about not having enough gifts for everyone . . .

Happy happy folks!!!

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Chella said...

Last year's wax! Always a problem...

I have setteled on one of the many Ch spellings...I don't know when, why or how I made that decision, I just remember being irritated when what I wrote in my cards didn't match the spelling on the postage stamps.

And believe me, your first night of Chanukah was less ad hoc than mine was!

Happy Chanukah!