Friday, December 18, 2009

wrinkle management

So. Wrinkles. I don't call the grooves in my face smile lines or laugh lines or badges of living (I just made that up to fill out the sentence, but it sounds good.) I don't use expensive moisturizers or creams, get Botox, go for regular facials. I don't exfoliate with pumice stones, slather crisco on at night, do chemical peels or collagen injections.

The way I deal with wrinkles is remarkably effective. Non-invasive. And free.

And, I'm happy to share this profound method I've discovered.

Don't wear your glasses. Not only does this work for blurring wrinkles into oblivion, your house will be less messy. Your hair far neater. Your pants won't be too tight. In fact, all of your clothes will look terrific.

Try it. Living life with a blurry edge can be wonderfully relaxing.

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