Sunday, February 1, 2009

twitter is the new ebay

Skimming ebay used to be my way to relax/escape/goof off. I thought of it as sort of tech meditation, in that while I wasn't om-ing in lotus with candles and incense, my mind was clear and other thoughts floated away as I explored other people's cast-offs. I put together most of my vintage coat collection with somewhat obsessive (ok, so maybe that part wasn't so zen) searches. The only stress was the last moments of any auction, waiting to see if someone would swoop in and snag my meant-to-be coat. Even knowing my coats was somewhat zen, or at least psychic. I'd know, by the picture, the description, that a coat was meant to be mine. And almost all the time, when I had that feeling, the coat would arrive, be a perfect fit, and an immediate favorite.

But, I discovered twitter. Twitter doesn't leave time for anything else. I wonder about those endless tweets from high powered executives, business owners, life coaches, and social media specialists who seem to live online. How do they have time to work? Eat? Sleep? Plus, I'm finding the amassing of followers to be anxiety-inducing. Brings me back to 7th grade when insecurity reigned. Will anyone want to spend time with me? Will I fit in? Be popular? Facebook and twitter totally feed into that but in an abstract way so that your feelings can't be as hurt as the public humiliation of a huge zit on your forehead or no one asking you to the prom.

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Terri said...

Elissa, Glad I found you on twitter love your blog!!

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