Monday, February 23, 2009

blog options

I am trapped in online option hell. How many outlets do I really need? And honestly, how many people actually read anything I put out there? I have a website ( This blog. A new site for Flow ( and now a Flow blog ( There's facebook and twitter. Emails. Texting. And even talking on the phone every once in awhile.

But this past weekend I hit a wall of indecision. I wanted Flow's site to be more interactive, able to change quickly, allow people to be involved. So, I thought, maybe a blog was the answer. It seemed like wordpress allowed more creativity but what I realized, after hours and HOURS was that it created far more confusion than I would have thought possible. And did I really want to wipe out the site I created in iweb, where imagery was far easier to work with? I discovered I could have a wordpress site, that go-daddy would host, that would use just my domain name . . . but, how flexible was the design aspect? What were the templates like? How many widgets would I need when I don't know what more than half of them are. I had a lovely conversation with someone I met on twitter, who's hosting an online wordpress webinar. For $1000. They go-daddy guy was super helpful and enthusiastic, but couldn't give me any concrete information. I watched tutorials, did countless google searches, and read more blogs for input and advice than any one person should.

In the end I'm accepting my limitations. I'm sticking with iweb, a wordpress blog (with wordpress in the domain name) and am comfortable with the fact that no one reading really cares who's hosting and how it was created.

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Anonymous said...

Hey lis, go to the hosting is cheap, and you can install wordpress. (We did) Forget the $1k seminar... a waste of money. installing wordpress isn't hard at all. And you have more options then you would have with the online wordpress.