Monday, February 16, 2009

falling in love

I gave in and bought myself an iphone yesterday. I've been on the fence about it for a long time—how much did I need it/want it/lust for it? Apparently not all that much as I've held out for years and didn't feel like I was suffering in any way. I had my ipod touch, and could happily watch movies on the subway. I could play air hockey with Jack and Iz has a pet dog to keep her busy. But the email thing was killing me. Wireless access is just a big tease—if you can't get on a network you're screwed. Those little bars drove me crazy. Sometimes if I moved a foot, I lost access. And while I love my razor, navigating online was ridiculous. I'm sure there was a more effective/efficient way to work it, but I never could figure it out. Plus, trying to return emails with a semblance of adult speak was too challenging to tackle.

And then, last week, I got the new cover of Flow. It showed up on my tiny cell phone screen and I could barely read the type. I had many comments/questions, but it was impossible to type them all out. So, after yoga yesterday I walked into an AT&T store, just to ask questions and walked out completely hooked up. I splurged on a case I don't like (it hurts my ear when I'm talking on the phone) and apple care, which I didn't really want. I figured the more I used the phone, the more I'd fall in love. But no.

Until this afternoon when I discovered google maps. Hit a button and it finds exactly where you are, down to the street, down to the building. I got driving directions from the village to Chicago (not that I'd ever actually drive it). I could see maps, street names, schematic layouts of the city. It was mind blowing.

The other insanely cool thing I discovered today? The phone vibrate when the fish in the koi pond nibble your fingers. I'm now waiting for the electric shock therapy app.

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