Saturday, February 7, 2009

mastering the spin

Yesterday, I was spinning. Spinning in the creative, I-have-an-idea, I can conceptualize and talk and write and sell and make people see my vision way. I haven't had that frenetic, all-consuming, over-the-top feeling wash over me in so long. Too long.

I used to be like that much of the time and now that I'm not, I can see how much of it was anxiety-fueled. I needed to have my head constantly busy, as if thoughts were currency and only by continually replenishing my band, would I be ok in the end. But, I've learned, that's just not true. Having said that, it felt really good to be overwhelmed by the enormity and greatness of how strongly I can believe in what I do/think/want.

So, I'm starting a new project that most likely won't sell. But, that's never stopped me. For years, people told me Flow would never be published. I've also never written just for the sake of writing, but everyone has a story (or countless stories) and maybe some of mine will help someone else.

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I need a book deal said...

Follow your heart. You seem to be on the right track. Also have lucky stars when it comes to book deals ;)