Sunday, November 9, 2008

too much technology

Friday night, while at a kick-ass Toshi Reagon show, I got an email notifying me that my website had been updated. Curious to how that happened, as I wasn't anywhere near a computer and hadn't been updating, I clicked on the url only to find that Jack had published his very own website. I was extraordinarily proud of his hard work, not to mention designer's eye, and left the site up all weekend.

But, tonight I wanted my site back up, so I hit the publish button, fully expecting it to override his site. Nope. I mean NOPE. If I could make that extra black super heavy bold, I would. I spent the last 2+ hours working 3 machines trying to figure out how to ditch my very creative son's handiwork. I had to find where the site was hosted (in my name folder/library/application support/iweb). I deleted his site. Nothing. Went to mobile me (stupid, stupid name) and deleted his site from there. I re-did all the info with my web host. Then, in sheer and total frustration I shut everything down and stormed off to bed. But, even though I had been dead tired 2 hours ago, I couldn't let this go. So, I booted everything back up, researched more and tried uploading all folders, AGAIN, to mobile me. That finally worked.

Now I have to explain to him tomorrow why he can't blog as his site is no longer. That will probably be worse than this was.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Jack needs his own wordpress blog!