Tuesday, November 25, 2008

life at sea

Life at sea is remarkably like life at home. Everyone’s happy just sitting in the cabin and playing Spore. Well, not me. I’m never happy sitting and playing Spore, although, to be honest, I’ve never tried. But just talking about it makes me kind of crazy.

Being on a cruise is too much like being in Florida. Lots of marble, fancy restaurants, and too much air conditioning everywhere. We’re in the Caribbean and I’m freezing most of the time. It’s also anything but beautiful out. It’s not raining—that was yesterday—but it’s super overcast and so windy it’s hard to sit outside. So, Iz and I are sitting outside a wine bar, listening to a string quartet, with laptops set up on a marble table, flanked by faux greek columns and hand blown glass sculptures. In bathing suits. It’s all a bit surreal. So many people who seem so happy and I’m not sure why. My theory has to do with the ease and convenience of walking everywhere. No cars. No traffic. But that’s my day to day life. I love being in a house when I’m on vacation, not surrounded by people, fighting for a deck chair or a table for lunch.

Having said that, I’m wearing flip flops. We spent yesterday at a beach with the most stunning turquoise water I’ve seen in a long time. It was so delicious to lie on a chair, watching clouds float by in a brilliant blue sky. It’s amazing that someone comes and cleans our room twice a day. I LOVE that. He leaves chocolates on our pillow at night.

OK, the string quartet stopped and now it’s a doowop group.

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