Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my life as a cruiser

We realized, after thinking about this cruise coming up on Sunday, that it'll be Iz's 4th journey through the caribbean. She's only 10. And I couldn't figure out how many cruises I've been on—they just run together in my head. There was the ship with the really tacky carpeting and terrifying chandeliers (Carnival), the ship with the surprisingly limited food (the line from Italy that I totally can't remember), the ship that was the actual Love Boat (ok, that was kind of cool). The cruise with the horrendous weather and freezing temperatures (that was Scandinavia and I'm never going back). The cruise where we met Mim and Emma and hauled out butts to Trunk Bay (the most beautiful beach I've ever seen), the cruise where my face swelled like the Elephant Man and I ended up in the hospital when I got home. The cruise we all surprised my mother for her birthday—she had no idea and burst into tears when we all showed up at her cabin. The time Iz had her entire head braided and beaded. The beach we visited in Mexico 2 weeks after a major hurricane. The waiter that figured out my mother and brought her one of every dessert without even asking. The trip my mother was convinced my sister was gay (she isn't). The time people we were traveling with forgot their passports and somehow managed to get on the ship anyway (I'm sure they thought it was a miracle from God). The shopping sprees for expensive watches. The delicious 24 hour pizza bars. The ice sculptures. The lead singer who snapped and pointed at every opportunity. Toga night. Roman-esque steam rooms. The stars in the mediterranean. 4 people living in 100 square feet for a week. 4 people sleeping in 2 twin beds because 2 of us were afraid of bunk beds.

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