Thursday, October 30, 2008

joe the plumber

While there have been countless mindboggling moments in the McCain/Palin sideshow—let's just take a moment to remember the Katie Couric interviews, the "economy is strong" statement, the suspended campaign, the Pretty Woman shopping spree to rattle off a few—it's hard to find anything more ridiculous than the inclusion of Joe the Plumber on their campaign wagon.

Obama's got President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton, Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore all stumping for him at the moment. McCain's got a non-licensed plumber who owes back taxes, uses a pseudonym and has been dangerously spouting off political advice and opinions.

They scary part is that crowds apparently are going wild for him. It's the American Idol factor live. You could now call it the Sarah Palin factor. Who needs experience or talent to find instant fame?

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