Tuesday, October 21, 2008

motherhood and politics and rumors

I've been wondering about the whole release-of-medical-records thing. While on one hand, knowing the health of the potential leaders of this country is totally important. If an elected official had six months to live, that would be an important fact to know during election season. On the other hand, it's very strange, and feels more than a bit intrusive, to know what medications Joe Biden is taking and results of tests that are usually very private.

Which brings me to Sarah Palin. Why isn't she releasing her records? I'm thinking that a woman who popped out a baby in April and has been running around the country non-stop for months must be in awfully good shape. Make that great shape. Thinking back to when I had kids (and it's only two compared to five), there's no way my body would've been able to withstand that pressure. A new baby keeps you up at night. Then again, perhaps she has someone dealing with night time feedings. Childbirth itself is an exhausting experience and it takes time to heal. Hormones are coursing and pumping and changing. There is, at least for most people I know, an emotional pull to take care of and be with your child. Maybe by the fifth, that lessens. I remember watching her repeatedly whack her baby on the back (ok, whack is a little extreme) after her convention speech. I remember noticing that not once did she look down at him, whisper in his ear, kiss his cheek or offer and of the gestures moms automatically give their babies. She looked like a frantic burper before she handed him off to her 6 year old. I remember rumors floating online that the baby wasn't hers, he was the child of her teenage daughter.

Sometimes, I still wonder the same thing. Either that or she has one talented personal trainer, a full-time nanny, and little to no emotional ties.

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