Wednesday, October 22, 2008

what to wear

Another thing I've been wondering . . . where does Sarah Palin keep all her clothes? While she has her look down to a science—short black skirt, simple top with 3/4 sleeves, classic pumps—I don't know that I've ever seen her wear the same outfit twice. Turns out she hasn't had to worry about closet space, that her very polished look is the result of a very recent $150,000 spending spree. So much for the "I'm just a hockey mom," and her constant claims that she and her husband are middle class like the rest of us. Funny, I'm middle class and no one's dropping $75,000 for me at Neiman Marcus. And while that sounds like fun, where would I store everything?

Speaking of dropping money, it seems as if she took her kids on state business trips, whether they were invited or not, and charged Alaska for their airfare and expenses. It's hard to imagine the pre-teen set would be relevant at government summits, but they got to stay in ritzy hotels, at the tax-payers expense for days.

Now I know there are far more important issues to discuss in this election: the global economy meltdown, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Wall Street bail out, but should the very expensive shoe be on the other foot, right now the RNC would be spinning these shopping sprees into threats on our national security. Can't you picture soundbites like: "HOW CAN THEY BALANCE THE BUDGET WHEN THEY SHOP TILL THEY DROP?" or "SHOES FIRST, ECONOMY SECOND."

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