Monday, October 20, 2008

the secret of politics

John Hodgman (I'm a PC) on the Rachel Maddow show just talked about the magical thinking of both Sarah Palin and George Bush—that they both think they're qualified to run the country just because they believe they can.

Isn't that what "The Secret" is all about? I tried to read it—I thought I was missing some fundamental truth of life that would make me wealthy and successful if only I read and embraced this book as so many millions had. But I couldn't get past the first chapter. The same people were quoted over and over admonishing readers to THINK POSITIVE. BELIEVE IT AND IT WILL HAPPEN. DON'T EVER DOUBT because if you do, even in your head, the forces of the universe will sense it and deliver doom and gloom to your doorstep, instead of a million dollar check from Ed McMahon. It seemed to be about self-delusion so powerful that you'd trick everything and everyone, including yourself, to believe things that just aren't true. Bush and Palin are such strong believers in themselves and their abilities, they don't even bother to pay attention to anyone or anything else.

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