Monday, November 3, 2014

Menopause Makeover!

What if there was a game show where women going through menopause had a chance to win a makeover to help them get comfortable in their new (actually older) skin? Not assistance in looking younger, but help finding them ways to feel comfortable in aging, changing bodies?

I'd throw my name into the hat. 

I would love someone to share advice for moisturizers that would effectively control the dry patches that now consume the upper half of my face. 

For a personal shopper to give suggestions on what my work better with my thickening middle. 

For make up application tips on how to deal with wrinkled eyelids and deepening circles. 

For finding bras that are more comfortable for droopy boobs

For exercise routines specific to bodies that heal slower, have been injured, deserve more TLC. 

For dealing with strands, streaks, swaths of grey hair. Hair changing texture. Even falling out. 

For finding not just emotional comfort and acceptance, but excitement and enthusiasm at being in the new place. 

Looking younger isn't my goal. I have no interest in Botox or chemical peels or liposuction (no judgement to those who choose that route). I want to treat my body and soul with kindness and respect. But I want to be comfortable where I am now instead of trying to be who I'm not anymore. 

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