Monday, November 10, 2014

aging is what it is

Here's the deal with aging (this goes for menopause too) - it happens. Every second of every day. It's happening. Nothing can change it, slow it down, reverse it, stop it. Taking vitamins, using moisturizers, trying chemical peels, eating organic produce, giving up sugar, not smoking, cutting back on alcohol, drinking more milk, meditating, practicing yoga, running marathons won't/can't change the inevitable. 

We age. That's the way the world works. We wrinkle. We get shorter. We take more time to heal. We get gassier (I'm not saying all people do but I'm finding that's happening to me). Our hair gets greyer, thinner, more brittle. Cellulite becomes more pronounced, skin saggier, memory less efficient. 

But in the inevitable we have choices.  Some are thrust upon us by advertisers with promises of wrinkle defying creams, erections that won't quit, or lustrous eyelashes. Doctors can now write prescriptions for a myriad of medicines meant to alter the aging experience so patients can take a pill instead of taking responsibility for their health through exercise and eating. Not to say modern medicine hasn't had a profound effect on life as we age. But sometimes it seems as if there's a medical remedy for too many things that a: are a natural part of getting older and b: could have other possible solutions besides pharmaceutical intervention. Many turn to surgery or Botox or having their faces coated with chemicals to burn off outer layers of skin, leaving fresher, you get looking ones exposed. Ouch. 

Instead of buying into the above I'm working on living my life where I am now instead of trying to get back to somewhere I'm not anymore. Trying on acceptance. Understanding. Appreciation. Gratitude. So far they're far more comfortable than liposuction. 

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