Saturday, January 17, 2009


So, I'm all about twitter at the moment only I feel like there's some twitter secret that I don't get. Make that many secrets. How can people do all sorts of personalized pages? I can't get one simple image to work in the space. Where did all those life coaches come from? Do I need one? Could I be one? What is it that I want to do with my life? I know I'm leaving my original question behind but I'm feeling scarily out of the loop and I'm not sure what the loop even is. Twitter. Tweets. Tweet deck. Retweet. Who are these people who are exceedingly adept at this? I remember feeling this way about school spirit. All these people around me had it but I wasn't sure what exactly "it" was. I feel the same way about religion. I respect other's faith, but totally don't understand. Or maybe it's more like twitter is the all about the popular kids and you're not sure what makes them so special but you know you're not one of them. Yes, I'm regressing. Maybe it's because I only have 41 people following me and that's bringing up feelings of inadequacy, bordering slightly on rejection. Yup. Straight back to 7th grade. My hair is better and I don't have to worry about if anyone will ever like me, but much of those other anxiety feelings are the same.

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bari said...

I have two followers. Please.