Friday, January 2, 2009

cyber popularity

Getting attention in cyberspace is a bit of a mystery. In fact, getting attention in general has me pondering. Some people get attention all the time for absolutely no good reason while others, who need/deserve/could benefit from it, flounder in obscurity. Well, that goes for life in general but, I'm finding, online too. And I'm finding the world of blogging is all about no design, which makes it really hard (almost painful sometimes) for me to dive into. The nonlinear-ness of pages and links and photos and blogs and websites haphazardly thrown together is giving me a headache and I've only been checking things out for 10 minutes. Yet the most crammed, busy blogs are the ones with thousands of followers.

And who are they? I write here but don't follow anyone else's blog. It's challenging enough getting through my day and keeping it together (barely) without keeping track of friends and strangers and their stuff. Is it a popularity thing? What makes people popular online? Is it what they say in 20 words or less? What they do? A cool name? I have no idea. But, I want to be one them. I feel like if I had a presence, my projects would have a launching pad and might actually garner attention instead of getting lost in the multitude.

This book, in particular, should have done so well. It is nothing but support for new moms and their partners. It's funny, helpful, smart, easy to read . . . but it got lost in the shuffle and no one ever saw it:

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