Thursday, January 15, 2009

amazed and grateful

Today's crash was so many horrors wrapped up into one. When someone in my building first told me a plane crashed into the river, I thought he was joking. Then my heart stopped when my brain flashed to a terrorist attack. Planes in NYC where they're not supposed to be is terrifying. I watched the twin towers burn from my bedroom window. For months, I panicked every time a plane flew too close over the city. That was like watching a blockbuster Hollywood action flick—how could that possibly be happening? And that's what today feels like but with a happy ending. Unbelievable that no one was killed. That rescue workers and the Circle Line pulled together on this freezing day to get everyone out of the water. That there's now a large plane mostly submerged off the west side highway, blocks from the Intrepid. Hey, blocks from me.

I am often a cynic, but today was a miracle.

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I need a book deal said...

Yeah, sad and funny at once. What about the birds? No one commented on the Geese fatalities. Plus, shouldn't air traffic controllers be aware of Geese flocks?