Sunday, January 4, 2009

tell me why I don't like Mondays . . .

Actually, I do like Mondays. In fact, I totally and completely love Mondays. My family gets exceedingly aggravated whenever I say that, but after 2 straight days of no time alone, whining, arguing, bickering, "what can I do," meals, messes, battles, repeats of Total Drama Island and the Simpsons, Spore, DDR, Guitar Hero, Star Wars lego, various wii games, I'm done. Of course, every weekend doesn't include all of the above. It only feels like they do. There's no room or time for me sit still, read a book, think for myself. When the door closes after everyone's gone on Monday, I take a deep breath and then often do the stuff I do every day. But, no one's asking me something or expecting anything from me.

So, tomorrow's like the mother of all Mondays because I've had people home with me for 12 STRAIGHT DAYS and my craving for solitude has hit an all time high. I will miss everyone tremendously, well, maybe not. But, I will be happy to see them all at the end of the day and will appreciate them all the more for having had time to just be.

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