Tuesday, September 9, 2008

some things never change

I watched Obama on Olberman last night and felt like it was John Kerry all over again. Lengthy explanations, calm, detached demeanor, head-shaking at those silly Republicans, twisting the truth.

Hasn't anybody learned from the past? Who's running Obama's campaign? Who's advising him? Niceness, logic, and explanations don't work. It has to be huge, tabloid headlines to get anyone's attention. Don't count on people thinking, being smart, discussing the issues and coming to their own conclusions. IT'S NOT HAPPENING.

I feel like I'm watching a party floundering in jewish guilt. Don't insult the other side, don't hurt anyone's feelings, don't say anything you'll regret. SCREAM your opinions. SHOUT the truth. Challenge the lies—call them out. Just tell it LOUD. Be outraged. Horrified. Angry. Enraged. INFURIATED. There are millions of terrified Americans out here worried about their lives, their country, their children, their planet.


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Nancy said...

This piece gave me chills, almost brought tears to my eyes. This morning I saw a clip of Obama on Leno, saying that it sure was "silly time" in politics right now, not that it isn't always silly, but... I mean there he was smiling and shaking his head, tsk, tsk, don't you know these politicians say the darndest things!
Meanwhile, we are here, waiting, hoping, wondering, holding our collective breath ever since the Republican convention came along and apparently sucked the air out of the room. My husband and I talk about the sudden silence and we hope that it is because they are doing feverish research, getting ready to respond to all this nonsense responsibly and intelligently. But the silence is AWFUL. And time seems to be going by so quickly, and the hockey mom keeps racking up her soundbites, as we sit on the sidelines. I was going to stop into the local Obama Headquarters today to try to find out what is being done, but I didn't, because I am busy, and I suspect they will only ask me to call other people and ask for money. But mostly I stay away because I am afaid of being sucked in again the way I was 4 years ago, believing so fervently that this place, our country, wants to be better, and that I could be part of that.