Sunday, September 21, 2008

abusive relationships

If you were in a relationship and you were lied to, given no voice, and treated like you were stupid, would you stay? What if your partner drove you into debt, destroyed where you lived, and ruined your reputation? People would tell you to GET OUT. Hopefully your self-preservations skills would make you open your eyes to that fact that you were being used, taken advantage of, exploited. Doesn't matter how charming or personable the other person is, no matter how attractive the package, it's still abuse.

That's what's happening with this country and not enough people are acknowledging how badly we, as a people, have been treated. The war, the economic breakdown, the lack of health care for so many. How about approval of torture, taking away individuals rights, spying on citizens.

Have we been so battered we're afraid of change? To stand up for ourselves?

People, we HAVE to BREAK UP with the Republican party. We've been abused for far too long.

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