Saturday, September 13, 2008

a rock and a hard place

I know so many people who want to do something to help. To get Obama elected. Even more, to keep McCain and Palin as far away from Washington as possible. But what? What can we do? We can donate money. We can take road trips to states where people are more undecided than those of us in New York City. Jon's ready to volunteer and the days leading up to the election and wants us all to come. That's a nightmare for me. What are we supposed to do? Be stuck in the middle of nowhere, I'd have to entertain kids while the panic inside's just rising. We did it last election and it was one of the most worst experiences I've ever had. I couldn't help, couldn't work, couldn't volunteer. I had two little kids to take care of. And the flight home from Florida, the day after the election, was one of the most painful experiences I've lived through. Half the plan was gleeful, the other half barely fighting back tears. It was sort of like coming home from a superbowl and being fans of the losing team, only this was our government that was relegated to 4 more years of a continuing nightmare.

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