Saturday, September 29, 2012

finding a place in the world

I spent yesterday at my first video shoot.

There were many take aways.

There are some fascinating professions I wish I knew about when I was younger.

From this side the grass not only looks greener, but it's glistening with early morning dew.

I miss being in the middle of creative endeavors.

I like being the talent, the expert, the person in the know.

But sometimes that's a lonely place. Especially for something as niche-y as menstruation. And for someone who's not a doctor or a scientist or a professor? Not many calls for my expertise.

Talking Flow though is a joy. Looking at the bigger picture. Starting, continuing, having the conversation. Yesterday though I was rusty. I used to talk this every day. It's been years at this point since it was daily conversation.

Today I'm wondering, as usual, what's next. I'm feeling, for the first time in a long time, that perhaps my Flow role isn't over. Yet. I just have to work harder at finding ways to stay involved.

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