Monday, September 24, 2012

a day in the life

Today started off like most back to school days. Up at 6:45, breakfasts for everyone, packed up lunches, made Rice Krispy Treats (that doesn't happen every day). Left at 7:30 to get Jack to school, then back home to walk the dogs. Met a dear friend for breakfast at 8:15 and then things took a turn for out of the ordinary.

Jack's doctor's office called to say they couldn't fill out the medical form I'd dropped off Friday until he had a physical. He needed the form for flag football practice today at three. Good news was they could see him at 11. So, I did alternate side parking unit 10:30 then ran back to school to pick him up, much to his surprise.

Zipped him to the doctor—he's now 5 feet tall, gained 5 pounds, got 2 vaccinations—and zipped him back to class in time for lunch.

Ran home to pull together options for my wardrobe fitting for the Kotex documentary project I'm thrilled to be a part of. Grabbed a garment bag full of shirts, pants, shoes and jewelry and headed to the film offices downtown where I spent 2 hours trying on a variety of sadly drab outfits. In the end we came up with a funky NYC writer ensemble that worked for the many people who needed to approve what I'll be wearing.

From there I ran home to let Iz in—she'd been locked out for 45 minutes.

Back up to pick Jack up from tryouts.

Quick pit stop at A Salt and Battery for fries.

Back home to walk the dogs.

It's been a day—a mix of ordinary and extraordinary, regular scheduled programming and experiences I've never had before. Relaxing with kids and puppies and chatting up creatives and account people.

I love days where my different worlds lap at each other's edges.

Now it's writing, baths, dinner, laundry, design work and bed.

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