Friday, September 28, 2012

an out of the ordinary day

I spent today on a video shoot.

Was fitted for wardrobe. Wired for sound. Hair slickly ironed. Circles under my eyes covered up.

When escorted through the set someone would loudly say "talent coming through" and they were talking about me.

I signed contracts. Ate a gourmet lunch. Met producers and sound engineers. APs and camera men. 

Someone held a water bottle for me. Someone else monitored whether my scarf and shirt looked ok on camera.

People in various locations watched me on a video feed.

The director asked questions and I talked.

And talked. 

And talked.

About menstruation. Vaginas. Body image. Fem care advertising. Blue liquid. Pad development. Wandering uteruses. Hysteria. Ritual cleansing.

How important it is be open. To have conversations. To feel comfortable with our bodies.

Sometimes I feel like I've never done anything that makes a difference.

And then there are times like today. 

1 comment:

Stratoz said...

What a day! May it be a day that many seeds were planted.