Monday, November 21, 2011

living by committee

Right now just about every single aspect of my life is ruled by someone else.

From the dogs needing to be walked in the morning to timing Jack at night while he reads, there is barely a moment when someone else's needs aren't coming first.

This morning even my car managed to usurp work time—I got downstairs to do alternate side parking and found the battery completely dead. Instead of working I spent hours dealing with roadside assistance. Even that was a challenge as ATT has dead spots on my street so I couldn't even get help while sitting in my car.

I just spent the last 10 minutes searching for missing yoyo accessories that the dogs thought were toys, much to Jack's utter frustration. And now, I've got to write with my legs up on my desk so Gracie can lie across them, frantically chewing a bone. At least I'm hoping it's a bone.

Last night I was a slave to apple support as for some unknown reason iTunes can't play the Wizard of Oz.

Before that the emotionally careening teen in my house was having a day.

My surgeon's office just called asking if I could come in early tomorrow which means I can't make the knitting club meeting that I organized and can't take Jack to school.

This morning someone asked me about ads for the yearbook and I didn't even know what school they were talking about.

I turned on my laptop and found a desktop littered with someone else's files and a calendar issue I can't resolve.

Jack's yoyo is broken and my new unexpected project is to research how it can be fixed.

My life is all about everyone else at the moment but rarely about me.

Most of the time I can handle it but right now my edges are fraying. But, instead of curling up in the corner with a book, which is what I'd really like to do I have to feed the dogs, make sure homework's done, complete the NYC high school application with Iz, fix that yoyo, find dinner for kids, finish an invitation and review a postcard for work, pick up shipping supplies at the stationery store. I'm sure there's plenty more I'm blocking and even more than will come up. Like ordering shoes for Iz, which I did while I was writing this and dealing with amazon about her kindle that arrived 2 days ago and already broke.

Usually I find some light at the end of the tunnel with these, but that's not happening today.

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