Saturday, August 29, 2009

sinus cocktail

Before Jack's diagnosis, getting Tylenol (bubble gum meltaways) into him wasn't terrible but sadly, it didn't make a dent in his headaches. The pediatrician moved him on to Motrin—riots ensued. Every 4 hours was a Star Wars worthy scene. And once we knew we were dealing with a sinus infection, antibiotics and nasal steroids were added to the mix and the battles grew even more epic. Every dose took over an hour from start to finsh—each involved screaming, sobbing, begging and threatening going both ways. Until this morning, when he downed the reddish pink opaque goo in one swallow. Why? I didn't ask. Now we only have 12 (hopefully drama free) days to go.

The final cocktail:

3 tsp bubble gum Motrin

2 tsp raspberry Sudafed

8ml watermelon Amoxicillin

Stir together and add fruit punch Gatorade

Add 2 ice cubes

1 comment:

BunBun4life said...

Maybe he just started feeling a lot better, realized the 'goo' is what helped?? It's amazing what even a kid will do once they understand 'that' is what helps and feeling better is awesome.