Wednesday, August 12, 2009

war between the worlds

Today was the first concrete day of Flow PR. It started with a lovely lunch at Perry Street (a very cool restaurant:, hosted by my agent. We chatted with a producer from the Early Show at CBS, a Daily Beast book reviewer and people from Publisher's Weekly. All were interested and enthusiastic about Flow. And then, to top it off, Rizzoli graciously offered to host a book launch at their 57th Street store. I've walked by it many times, too intimidated to walk in. It's a stunning space, an amazing location, and a thrill to be invited to celebrate there.

Great day. Great. But my reveling in the moment, as to be expected, was exceedingly short lived. How could I expect to celebrate when whining children were at hand? How could I possibly think that a BOOK LAUNCH at RIZZOLI could top a camp day fraught with unchallenging art projects, watermelon that wasn't exceedingly sweet, 2nd choice out of 4 available computers in the apartment, unappealing dinner options, not enough peas (I did not make that up), a book that was almost over, and basic sibling quibbling?

Placating the cranky pre-teen set: 1. Celebrating my own accomplishments: 0.

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Anonymous said...

I think the kids are around to keep us grounded! I want to come to the book signing. You'll have to keep me posted!! Jane