Monday, July 27, 2009

what next

It's a strange time to be in publishing, or at least on the periphery of publishing. Actually, I'm sure any aspect of publishing right now is challenging, but I've spent years doing freelance design and it's all disappeared over the past few months. And the work's not coming back. The regular catalogs I put together are now just listings online. The monthly ads? Money's not being spent and in some cases, the publications are folding. Signage, posters, postcards—things of the past.

So now what? Someone on twitter just offered me his free e-book called "Stop Slogging Start Blogging," and while it certainly motivated me to post something here, I just don't see a lucrative future in online observations about my life. People do it. Twitter is full of social media experts with tens of thousands of followers but I can't quite figure out what they're doing or why people are following.

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