Wednesday, July 29, 2009

day 2

Last night I read a piece by Stephen King in Entertainment Weekly about how much time people spend online. First, I have to say, he's my favorite columnist in the magazine. His writing is insightful, honest, and funny which often takes me by surprise as his books scare the hell out of me. Back to the article, he was surprised, shocked, at how much time he actually spent in front of his computer. He kept track for a couple of days and between writing, emailing, researching, youtube, hulu and more, it was almost 8 hours. I think I'd beat him flat. While I might not always sit for hours straight watching hulu and youtube, I get lost on ebay, spend too much time checking facebook and twitter, check various news sites for what's going on in the world, answering email. Oh, and then there's writing and designing. I can't imagine a day without being online and even when I'm not in front of a computer, I can always check the same things on my iphone.

I have to take a moment and switch gears to Sarah Palin's quitting the governorship speech. Last night it was a big story on the news—and countless people talked about how she's not a quitter as the main story was her quitting her job. WTF? The people in this country scare me sometimes.

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