Saturday, July 18, 2009

another night in nyc

After a really lazy afternoon, I needed to go out and breathe fresh air. It took much cajoling to convince everyone to "just walk we don't have to stay long" to Washington Square Park. There was a performance going on near the fountain, we stopped to see what it was about. Three black guys were talking up their future performance, stoking the crowd, cracking racial jokes at just about everyone. And then they broke into dance. Not bad, worth staying to watch. They started pulling volunteers from the crowd. Four women were standing in a line when one of the guys looked at Jack and said, "kid, can you raise your hand?" Jack did. "You just volunteered," and the guy pulled him into the circle. Several more were picked and then there was a good solid 20 minutes of eeking out as much money as possible from the onlookers. These guys had their routine down—even this part was funny. And it was cool that our evening walk to a local park was also the destination for people from Cuba, Iran, Columbia, Jamaica, Lithuania, South Dakota, Texas, to name a few.

The grand finale—one of the performers ran at full speed and flipped over all seven people standing side to side. Amazing. And just as they promised, no one got hurt.

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