Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I'm in Chicago at the moment. Change from my NYC day to day. 

Moving my oldest into her freshman dorm. Huge change. 

Got my period unexpectedly in the midst of all this. Changing body. 

First thing this morning I tracked down the nearest CVS to stock up on supplies. Lovely change in make up offerings. 

And I thought how poignant, how significant, to have my period the day my child goes off on her own for the first time. It's a reminder of fertility. Not having my period meant I was pregnant with her all those years ago. It's allowing my emotions to bubble up to the surface. While I usually keep things stuffed deep down, I've been quietly (and openly) sobbing as I'm getting ready to let her go. 


Life is changing, shifting to a different place, a different stage. 

My body is too. 

This physical reminder is reminding me that even in the changes, some things never change. And through the cramps and the missing my girl, I can still smile and know it will be ok in the end. 

It's actually ok now. 

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