Saturday, April 16, 2016


Internal bleeding. 

That conjures up all sorts of not positive scenarios. 

Dropping hemoglobin. 

Another transfusion. 

We don't know. 

We'll have to see. 

That was yesterday. It's hard, no it's close to impossible to completely breathe deep with those words hanging out in space. Doubt engaged. Fear piqued. Waiting for news that could be fine or catastrophic. 

Bleeding ulcer in the esophagus. 

That was today. And amazingly that was amazing news. A finite answer. A relatively quick fix. 

Hope is the new worry. 

Optimism is the new doubt. 

With all that positivity though comes the post stress crash. Relief that all is ok with exhaustion and apathy thrown into the mix as things settle back down to this new status quo. 

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