Monday, November 26, 2012


I like knowing.

Being able to be prepared.

Having a sense, whenever possible about what to expect.

In life that's not always an option, but wouldn't it be nice if, for more run of the mill, mundane situations, instructions were available?

For example, this morning I went for a mammogram. I wish I'd known in advance that I'd be wearing a short hospital gown—I would've shaved. A quick aside: I'd also love to know why this is a no pants allowed procedure. Seriously, my breasts, and I assume this goes for most if not all women, are not below my waist. As long as I'm asking questions, why the short gown for mammograms? Both long and short were available, with a "mammograms" label above the short bin. Do bare legs garner a better test result?

A note posted in the dressing room about whether the gown opening should be in the front or back would be a nice touch. Out of 3 of us in the waiting room, 2 opted for the front, one chose ties to the back. I kept my boots on, as was instructed. The back tier opted for no shoes but stayed in her socks.

A simple notice in the waiting room about what the test actually entails is a good idea. Translated into several commonly used languages.

Also, a printout of what to do after the test is over would help. I discovered, from the technician of my bone density scan, that if a problem with the mammogram had shown up, they would've known right away and one no longer needs to wait in the waiting room for an all clear signal. Glad I asked, I could've still be sitting there in my short pink, tied in the front gown.

A little forethought could save minor anxiety and countless small questions. For me, it's a worthwhile endeavor.

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