Sunday, November 11, 2012

Diving Into One Fish

Fun. Creative. Urban.

Three apt words One Fish creator/designer/owner Colin Cowley uses to describe the fresh take on fashion he explores in his new clothing company, which launches its inaugural line today.

I was lucky enough to talk to Colin about his vision, his plans, and his backstory right before the world discovers One Fish.

What was your inspiration for your designs?

Inspiration comes from all over. New York City. Fashion culture. Product design that I like but then think about what I’d change. I’ve always been obsessed with colors and shapes, contrast, brights and darks.

I don’t sit down and create on a regular schedule. Creativity comes in chunks. I start with one big shape and see what happens. One idea can turn into a series that can take a month to work through.

What’s the significance of the One Fish name/logo?

I did a huge 10-foot mural in college—and the only part that people talked about was the 2-inch fish in the corner. That fish earned his name and image as the company logo.

Who do you imagine wearing One Fish?

I originally planned to cater to the urban hipster, limited edition culture but after getting feedback from wearing One Fish t’s around the city I realized the appeal is much greater than I imagined.

What do you do besides creating cool shirts?

Anything athletic. I boxed in college. I ride my bike all over NYC. I also shoot video, for short projects, and music videos.

What’s your backstory?
I’ve lived in NYC my entire life. Drawing in my spare time has been the only consistent in my life. That and my interest in fashion. It’s exciting to join them into a new career.

How do you see the company and the products evolving?

There are so many things I want to do: sneakers, jeans, accessories. I have a specific progression in mind when I look at the greater whole. My goal is to have a fully functional line of clothing so someone can wear a One Fish outfit from head to toe.

What’s next for One Fish?

Along with the first line of t-shirts and hoodies, there’s a promo video in the works, a digital look book and a website that’s launching 11.11.12. The grand plan?  Incorporating video, photography, design and clothing into one unified vision.

Where can people find One Fish merch?

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