Sunday, October 7, 2012


Today was a perfect buttered cinnamon raison bagel dripping with butter.

Walks with dogs in nippy weather.

Finishing Mark of Athena.

Beading and needlepointing at a yoyo meetup in a midtown McDonald's.

Broccoli and oh so much garlic at Carmine's in Times Square.

Being in the very last subway car.

Navigating clashing emotions from everyone I was with.

Ripping apart the sweater I'm knitting. Again.

Getting 50 bags of potato chips and wax bottles of sugar syrup from my brother.

Today wasn't painting the apartment.

Taking a much needed nap.

My favorite yoga class of the week.

Going for a run.

Baking brownies.

Cleaning my desk.

Writing something meaningful.

But there's always tomorrow.

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