Thursday, October 11, 2012

an unexpected compliment

Last night Jack was working on a biography poem - a 7 to 10 line structured writing piece that got across more personal details than he was comfortable with.

His favorite part was finding adjectives to describe himself. Determined. Creative. Motivated. Aggravated (that pertained to dealing with his older sister).

He then thought of adjectives for me. We overlapped on just about all. Then he told me what I am the most is a problem-solver. Technically that's not an adjective but I'm not complaining.

He said no matter what the situation, the challenge, the stumbling block, the obstacle I always find a way to work through it to a positive outcome.

Then he said I wasn't just a problem solver, I was amazing at it.

And that I'm kind. And crafty.

How amazing to have your child take a step back and see you as someone besides the person who does laundry and gets up early to make sure everyone gets to school on time.

Yet again I know being a mom is the greatest thing I will ever do.

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Stratoz said...

Blessing when one who knows us, let's us know who we are