Monday, February 22, 2010

chocolate pudding brain

I started what was going to be a fantastic blog post this morning. I was up and writing at 6:38, or so my edit page says. But, I had to be at Iz's school super early and then the day got away from me. Every time I had thought I'd have time to write, the opportunity evaporated.

I shlepped my laptop to her school, planning to sit in a nearby coffee shop and finish, but got involved in a conversation that led to my agreeing to be co-president of the PTA next year. I hit a yarn store on the way home, totally forgetting I'd wanted to write on the way. Back in my apartment, I scrambled to create a fundraising flier, have it approved, and get it out to be printed before picking up Jack. At the moment it's done but I haven't heard a word from my printing contact, so our grand plans for later this week could be shattered. I ran to yoga and had a blissful class that left me so depleted it's been hard to finish sentences since. I realized, after I managed to get dinner, including a variety of vegetables, on the table, that somehow I managed to lose half the yarn I purchased by the time I got back to my apartment. I have conceptual lists of things I'm supposed to do but don't have the focus or drive to actualize them, which means write them down.

My thoughts are disheveled.

My focus has left the building.

My mind is minding its own business and doesn't want to get involved.


Amy Oscar said...

Just guessing but Id say your energy has turned elsewhere. I'm guessing it's feeding something deeper, percolating along on an internal track. And it just won't be budged until its ready. Then it will come bursting out and reveal itself, a budding something new.

Almost Spring is like that: Rest was a good idea.

Charlotte Rains Dixon said...

Sometimes that happens and the brain won't be budged. Rest assured that your subconscious is percolating and working on it. I just learned that the subconscious never sleeps--how cool is that! So all those wonderful words will come out on the page in due time.