Sunday, January 1, 2017

new year

It's been challenging to get into a writing groove these days. I keep meaning to commit and then life (mostly the election) gets in the way and I'm working to stay calm and balanced, not looking to delve deep and rock my boat at all.

But in the midst of that, of giving up heading up any and all volunteer endeavors, of sending one child off to college, or working hard not to worry about what's next, next things are appearing.

I expanded my knitting boundaries.

There's a creative outlet Etsy shop in the works with my talented kid.

My first screenplay is done and my writing partner and I are thinking new projects.

A new book idea appeared out of nowhere that's exactly what I should be delving into right now.

I found a creative vent for my political angst.

I'm getting there.

Better yet, I'm thawing out from years of borderline creativity block and finding my way.


Bring it 2017. I'm ready.

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