Monday, November 14, 2016




Where to begin. What to say.

There is too much to say and there are also no words. The feeling that the world has been torn apart over the past few days is an understatement. Watching feelings come out of the woodwork, people divided. Politeness and empathy often left in the dust of panic. All valid and warranted.

There's palpable fear. Anger. Trepidation.

I had more than one moment of worrying about what I put out into the world. Tiny me, on my insignificant blog, in my tweets nobody reads, thought the worst more than once.

But I've come to realize we have to speak. We have to voice what we're feeling, our frustration, our discontent, our disgust.

We have to shout.


And that's not something I, or many I know, are used to. I'm used to polite, to quiet, to calm discussion.

Those days are over.

Many of us are being fundamentally challenged for the very basis of who we are.

We can't change. We shouldn't change.

We won't change.

And the universe needs to keep hearing that.

Fuck complacency.

And watch out world.

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