Monday, November 1, 2010


This morning?


I don't really have anything I have to do. I have many things I could do/should do, but nothing so immediate that I can't just sit for a bit and recuperate from that craziness that's been.

I could wade through the mounds of paperwork that's piled up on my desk and bring order to the chaos.

I could finish cleaning my sister's apartment. We painted it this weekend and everything's starting to come together.

I could put together a merchandise line for Iz's school, get files to the printer, and start a school store.

I could call my orthopedist and straighten out the nightmare that's scheduling multiple MRI's.

I could fold everything neatly in my drawers.

I could go to the supermarket and restock our empty fridge.

What I really want to do is wrap myself in a fuzzy blanket, read a good book and escape for awhile. That's what Iz does when things get too much and I have to say, she's a wise child. I'm thinking that and a cup of hot chocolate to combat the chill of the day could make a huge difference.

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